A tribute to Erasmus+ – A tribute to authentic people & places

With two ‘back to back’ Erasmus+ courses in Palermo Italy ShipCon pays tribute to the opportunities arisen from Erasmus as well as to all the authentic people and places all around the world.

Two courses delivered in Palermo ‘Secure EU funding: access EU funds’ & ‘Efficient & Effective Project Management for EU funded projects’ with Erasmus+ participants, who came as far as from Curacao, a Dutch Caribbean island, to attend ShipCon masterclass courses in Italy this May/June! You can find photos here: http://shipcon.eu.com/pmeu-seeu-june-2017-palermo/ 

Huge thanks to participants from UK, Curacao, Poland, France, Algeria, Lithuania, Georgia, Norway, among others for their valuable contribution.

Join one of the best accredited training providers in Europe and acquire valuable knowledge and expertise in the fields of Special Education, ASD, Emotional Intelligence, Integration & Diversity, EU funding, project management, entrepreneurship & leadership, among others.

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