The Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME) in the University of Strathclyde is
a world leading academic institution dedicated itself in the pursuit of research excellence to maximise
its research profile and reputation in the marine community. NAME research activities cover a broad
range in ship stability, safety, marine structures, hydrodynamics, design and manufacturing, marine
engineering, ship management and operation.

Lloyd’s Register Group Limited (LR) is a global independent risk management and safety
assurance organisation that works to enhance safety and to approve assets and systems at sea, on
land and in the air. Lloyd’s Register Group Limited, its subsidiaries and affiliates provide services
designed to help clients around the world to achieve their business goals, while optimising safety
and quality, and protecting, even improving, the environment.

Founded in 1988, the DFKI today is one of the largest non-profit research institutes in the field of
innovative software technology and applications based on artificial intelligence (AI). With
institutes in Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken, and Bremen, the German Research Center for Artificial
Intelligence ranks among the important “Centres of Excellence” worldwide.

Bureau Veritas, founded in 1828 is an international group with a core business of conformity
assessment, applied in the areas of quality, health, safety, environment and social responsibility.
BV is recognized and accredited by the largest national and international bodies and serves more
than 200,000 customers throughout the world. In 2004, present in 140 countries with more than
600 offices and laboratories, BV revenue exceeded 1.4 billion euros.

AP&A represents shipping companies providing technical services and brokerage to the shipping
and offshore industries with over 50 close clients in the UK and Greece. The company was
established in 1988 by its Director, Mr. Andreas Papadakis, and has 5 worldwide offices (UK,
Poland, Greece, China, and Cyprus). AP&A consists of a big number of competent and
experienced staff with a team of qualified Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and dedicated
Technical Department in each office.

The Technological Institute Foundation for the Development of Maritime Industries (INNOVAMAR) is a private organization, established nonprofit that, by the express will of its founders, has affected a lasting heritage to achieve the following purposes general interest (listed in Section 6 of the Statutes):

  • To encourage, promote and carry out actions related to maritime sector competitiveness , promoting increased added value and sustainable development, with particular attention to the use and exploitation of marine resources.
  • To encourage and promote research, technological development and innovation especially in the shipbuilding industry and its auxiliary industries, the marine industry, shipping, fisheries and aquaculture, and in general, the exploitation of marine resources.was Particular emphasis will support projects that develop cooperative agreements between firms and research organizations as well as business consortia.
  • Promote training in the areas listed in the previous section, as well as technical and professional qualifications of human resources.

HSBA is state recognised, accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities and is regularly one of the leaders in the CHE ranking for higher education institutions using the dual system. These are things that we are very proud of. But we are even more enthusiastic about the high level of dedication that our partner companies, students, lecturers and staff show on a daily basis. We are delighted that you want to get to know HSBA and would like to thank you for visiting our website. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team in person.

The Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association has been formed with the initiative of the International Shipping Community of Cyprus with the support of the Commercial Community of the island. CYMEPA is an autonomous, not-for-profit organization funded solely by its members. CYMEPA was officially registered on the 27th August 1992 as a not-for-profit organization limited by guarantee. A Caretaker Board of Directors has guided CYMEPA to its Official Launching Ceremony and First Annual General Meeting that took place on Sunday, 3rd October 1993.

Health Psychology Management Organisation Services also known as HP-MOS is a 1st and 2nd tier organisation working directly with beneficiaries, frontline staff and businesses. The organisation is a community-based health psychology service provision and delivery. Our service provision is aimed at identifying and supporting marginalised and disadvantaged “hard-to-reach” adults, children and young people with long term mental and physical health conditions within different community settings to improve their quality of life. While our service delivery provides Business support services and organisational Human Resource Infrastructure support to frontline staff and  entrepreneurs  working with the voluntary, community, public, private and statutory sectors. Our Infrastructure support services focuses on entrepreneurs, people, culture, systems and processes to enrich  experiences, deepen  knowledge and expand  networks.  

The Development and Education Centre Novo mesto (RIC Novo mesto) is one of the leading adult education organisations in Slovenia. The institute was established as a public equivalent body by the Municipality of Novo mesto with the main purpose to enable continuing learning for people of all ages and in this way promote the lifelong learning concept and ideas.  

Study programs in psychology offered by University of West Timisoara were classified in category A (excellent), after the official hierarchy of fields of study, conducted by the Ministry of Education in 2011. In Romania, only 2 studies in Psychology programs have received this rating.

The Cyprus University of Technology aspires to develop itself into a modern, pioneering University able to offer education and high level research in leading branches of science and technology which have high impact on the economic, technical, and scientific sectors. With its orientation towards applied research, the University aspires to establish for itself a role in support of the state and society in their efforts to confront problems, which cover all areas of science and technology.

FormAzione Co&so Network (FCN) is a Consortium/umbrella organization of 10 Social Cooperatives located in the Province of Florence and working on Public Procurement of Public Institution such as Municipality or Province, they manage social services on their behalf. The personnel of FCN is of 10 employees but all together the people working in the Associated Cooperatives are around 700. FCN has been working in the field of European Programme since 2004 and has developed projects most in the LLP.

The association “PRISM – International Promotion Sicily-World” is a non profit organization born in the heart of the Mediterranean from the initiative of professionals working in the field of cooperation and intercultural dialogue at European and international level. The purpose of the PRISM Association is to create development opportunities of the territories in which it operates, in a perspective of international promotion of them, in terms of economic, cultural and social growth.

Stowarzyszenie VESUVIO (Poland) is a cultural-educational non-profit NGO located in the south-east part of Poland. It creates and supports alternative opportunities for vocational education including people without qualifications, disabled, early seniors and people socially excluded to make them still professionally active, to improve their key competencies, knowledge and employability skills, to create new employment opportunities.

The Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture (CRA) is a national organization of research and experimentation with general scientific competence in agriculture, agro-industry, fisheries and forestry. The CRA has legal personality under public law, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and has scientific autonomy, statutory, organizational, administrative and financial.

AHE is an accredited higher education institution and provides bachelor, master, postgraduate, PhD studies and courses for various target groups. The university focuses on educational research, innovative teaching and e-learning. The staff includes approx. 600 permanent employees: researchers, teachers, trainers, supporting staff (financial, administrative, technical staff), specialists in various areas. Among the key fields of study and research there are: pedagogy, psychology.

The Silesian University of Technology has a history of 367 years. It has become an important public culture and opinion-forming institution, deeply rooted in the city of Gliwice and Upper Silesia region. It’s special function is an outcome of the fact that for many successive years our University served as a specific “knowledge deposit”

The Institute for Research and Advanced Training is a unit of the University whose mission is to support research activity, to ensure the quality of work of research units, ensuring the assessment of their scientific and articulate their activity scientific education system with advanced training in particular the third cycle and international masters.

The Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences (ICE-HT) was established in 1984, as an Independent Academic Institute. In 1987 ICE-HT became one of the founding Institutes of FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas). FORTH comprises seven Research Institutes (4 in Heraklion, 1 in Rethymno, 1 in Patras and 1 in Ioannina) and reports directly to the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) of the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs.