Handling Stress & Avoiding Burnout – 11-15.12.2017 – Barcelona

ShipCon proudly announces the delivery of another masterclass seminar ‘Handling Stress & Avoiding Burnout’, held in Barcelona between 11.12 and 15.12.2017. We express our gratitude to our exceptional delegates from Iceland, Poland, Croatia, Austria, Lithuania who all contributed through ideas & sharing of best practices.

The next seminar on ‘Handling Stress & Avoiding Burnout’ will be held in Prague (Czech Republic) between 10.12 and 14.12.2018. Registrations are open for this masterclass course, which is delivered at the highest quality standards.

For more info please visit our dedicated webpage here: http://shipcon.eu.com/handling-stress-avoiding-burn/

See photos here: http://shipcon.eu.com/hsab-bar-dec-2017-gallery/


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Register now: http://shipcon.eu.com/erasmus-participant-registration-form/