English for Educators: advance your career (Level II)



english_1This course is ideal for all those educators (primary & secondary teachers, university staff (academic & admin), adult educators, trainers & coaches) who want to improve their level of spoken and written English. It aims to give participants an intermediate knowledge of reading, listening, spoken and written skills in a dynamic and communicative way, through individual, pair and group work.  Course participants are expected to use a combination of resources including On-line resources, a variety of media and pre-recorded and authentic texts. It is focused on writing, grammar and pronunciation of the English language.

This course is designed to prepare advanced-level non-native speakers of English for academic and professional speaking and listening activities. Emphasis is placed on learning and practicing strategies of effective oral expression and comprehension of spoken English in informal and formal settings. The course will place emphasis on strategies for effective reading and the utilisation of these strategies to improve comprehension, analytical skills, recall, and overall reading speed. Participants will gain a knowledge of grammatical structures that improves academic communication.

Upon completion, participants should be able to demonstrate improved proficiency, comprehension, and grammatical accuracy and should be able to effectively participate in activities appropriate to academic and professional settings, including the self-confidence to participate and hold business meetings.

This course although structured, is designed to be flexible and can be adapted to suit the specific needs of the participants.

Important note: ‘English for Educators: advance your career (Level II)’ course is for teachers/educators who have an Intermediate (B1) level of English, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Participants may opt to attend first the ‘English for Educators: advance your career (Level I)’ course followed by ‘English for Educators: advance your career (Level II)’ course, as back to back courses (two weeks in a row at the same location) or at different dates & locations.

Main Aims

•         Improve communication skills in English

  •     Understand the English language and develop vocabulary and pronunciation skills

•         Enhance self-confidence in spoken English at an educational as well as business setting

•         Seize opportunities for cooperation with peers at international level

Why ENG2?

English is an International language used in all the aspects of communication whether spoken or written. In this era of computer science, English is the only language that is used by many universities and colleges all over the world. Moreover, English can be the basic requirement for all kind of jobs whether government or private and it is the knowledge hub for education; it is widely accepted that English language is very important when it comes to career and education.

Nowadays, there are only few universities and colleges in the world where English is not the only mean for scientific research. In universities and colleges, English is the only language used for scientific research and study. Another reason that emphasizes the importance of English language is the fact that it is very difficult for someone to go for further study outside his/her country without the knowledge of English. Furthermore, one cannot imagine global education without English; economy, politics and geography of other countries require the use and knowledge of English. Needless to mention also that the vast majority of research papers and scientific research are made in English language and that learning computer science can be possible only with the help of English language. Equally important is the use of internet in Education.  Good command of English language provides a big advantage when it comes to use Google, Facebook and twitter. The same goes for search engines and social media sites, which can prove to be the best place to gain knowledge and updates about career and education; to use them someone must have some basic knowledge of English language since 50 % of internet content is written in English language. Therefore, good command of English language is very important for career and education as well as for communication in today’s globalized social and working environment.

Who to attend ENG2?

The ENG2 course is ideal for:

  • School principals & directors (primary & secondary)
  • Teachers (primary & secondary)
  • Academic staff (tertiary)
  • Directors working in a multi national environment
  • Managers
  • Team leaders and team members
  • Professionals interested in improving their English
  • Trainers delivering courses/workshops in English
  • Any educator whose has Intermediate (B1) level of English



– Introduction and course overview

– Enriching English skills (exercise) – ‘From listening to writing’

– Presentation and evaluation of homework

– Revision of grammar knowledge using a Case study. Vicki’s Story

– Expanding vocabulary for educators – Moving from writing to delivering in a formal setting.

– Learning techniques and methods: improving speaking and listening skills through oral practice and the use of contemporary written, aural and audio-visual materials representing selected situations.  Activity learning using a selection of hands on activities to consolidate learning.


– Question and Answer session for clarification of methods and grammar discussed on day 1

– Communicative lesson – creating an engaging class

– Reading session, shared and Guided reading, Building confidence

– Expanding vocabulary for educators, resources given out to reflect learning

– Learning techniques and methods: improving reading and writing skills through the use of contemporary written materials – short stories, dealing with aspects of contemporary English life and society


– Question and Answer session for clarification of methods and grammar discussed on day 2

– Listening session – recognising the use of grammar in speech, examination of texts relating to video and audio texts

– Expanding vocabulary for educators – Different types of writing / text, i.e., Non-chronological writing, recount, persuasive writing, Narrative writing, explanation writing, instruction writing, discussion writing, Look at creative ways of writing these texts and the important vocabulary to be used.

– Learning techniques and methods: exploring how some art work can be used to develop language skills (activity)


– Question and Answer session for clarification of methods discussed on day 3

– Writing session

– Expanding vocabulary for educators, how to become a proficient speller, developing confident and proficient spellers through activities and games

– ICT in teaching languages: various methods and resources (social media, blogging)

– Carrying out weeks’ task: Developing ones’ learning plan including methodology and materials

– Summary, course evaluation and closure


– From infant to adult – Reflecting back at the stages in which we learn and understanding the English language

– Target setting and assessment

– Hand out Resources

– Reflection of the course and revisit flip chart to check objectives and achievements

– Course evaluation


The course methodology will ensure the active involvement of the participants in all phases, that is, prior, during and after the delivery of the course. More specifically, upon confirmation that the course will take place, the participants will receive preparatory material (if needed), which will cover all important concepts to be presented during the delivery of the course. The participants will have the opportunity to exchange feedback with the organiser of the course, ShipCon, and the trainer as well as to request any clarification related to the content of the course.

The methodology of the training is based on a combination of three important elements:

  • Provision of knowledge required (theory)
  • Use of training tools, such as case studies, videos, games, animations & exercises (practice – hands on experience)
  • Feedback/reflection (review)

During the delivery of the course, the participants will receive hard copy material, which will cover the content to be presented in all five (5) days of the seminar. The material will be presented in a form of Power Point (PPT) presentations, videos & animations. Moreover, the active involvement and hands on experience of the participants will be secured through various training tools, such as case studies, worksheets, scenarios & exercises. These training tools are necessary to ensure that the theoretical knowledge gained by the participants can be used in real life scenarios; an important aspect & added value for any training course.

At the final day of the course, the participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the information received and the experience gained in the specific field of study. Moreover, the participants and their institutions will be encouraged to be members of ShipCon ‘Network of Excellence’, an international hub and forum for entrepreneurs & innovators to exchange ideas, novel concepts/approaches & best practices in the area of environment and education.


The course is ideal for a wide range of educators/teachers and professionals who wish to improve their English language skills.  ‘English for Educators: advance your career (Level II)’ course is for teachers/educators who have an Intermediate (B1) level of English and wish to improve their oral fluency in English as well as their capability to participate actively in business meetings, where English is the official working language.

Upon completion, participants in this course will be able to:

  • Improve their oral fluency in English including phrasing, intonation and rhythm
  • Speak English more articulately
  • Be capable to participate in business meetings where English is the official language
  • Gain self-confidence in speaking in formal settings where English is the working language.
  • Lead/manage effectiveyly multi national working environments
  • Present working papers & presentations in seminars, conferences & symposia


  • Certificate of attendance & certificate of competence (skills & competences required – Europass CV)
  • Europass mobility certificates – to be issued by the applicant’s National Authority (NA)
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